with Animation

How do you captivate and excite a room full of CEOs? YPO called on Ignite to help answer that question and breathe life into their theme for the year, “New Power,” and a slate of associated events.

Knowing the Audience

CEOs have an abundance of money and a scarcity of time. We had to be unique while also adding an air of exclusivity to get them to set aside some of their precious time for these YPO events. These CEOs could have and buy nearly anything they wanted, but YPO experiences and events were things they couldn’t arrange or purchase with ease. The content we created had to convey the overall theme as a key business insight and that these unique YPO-only events were worthy of their presence.

Focusing on the “Why”

We began our process with two questions in mind:

Why does the theme of “New Power” resonate?
Why should these CEOs consider these can’t-miss events?

We then went to work to build each piece of this New Power story. Since there was no identity or theme to work with, we started by developing a “New Power Series” logo. We used this to inform our decisions regarding design language and content style as we created a video to tell the New Power story. Starting at frame one, we handled every aspect of production (scripting, design, storyboards, animation, editing, and voice-over) to create a video that highlighted the New Power theme and its importance in today’s business marketplace.

Elevating the Presentation

We carried this through to a storytelling vehicle that used custom graphics, existing creative assets (logo and photography), and engaging copy to turn mere calendar dates into a slate of can’t-miss events and trips for these executives.