Mobile Video
and App for
Retail Experience

Ignite had already worked with Samsung for seven years to create on-device videos and experiences that attract, educate, and drive consumer purchase intent for the brand’s iconic smartphones and tablets. Samsung called on us to extend our premium experience expertise to second-tier devices.

Doing More with Less

Second-tier devices weren’t as high profile, so they didn’t get a premium device budget and marketing support. So, we used our extensive brand knowledge and digital experience, while creating efficiencies within our process, to develop content consistent with the aesthetic and storytelling established by premium on-device experiences.

Delivering Brand Consistency

Here’s what we knew going into creating these experiences:

The longer a person interacts with the device, the chances of purchase increase exponentially. There was no real awareness achieved through traditional advertising for these second-tier devices. The on-device experience had to do a lot of heavy lifting to engage and educate consumers.

So, we mixed custom creative, which included 3D modeling, animation, and content writing, and existing assets to build an experience complementary to one found on a premium device. With those assets, we created attractor videos to gain consumer attention and an app-like experience to tell the device story.

Setting a New Standard

What started with the Samsung Galaxy J7, their first second-tier smartphone to feature this content, was quickly adapted to other smartphones and tablets to help elevate the presence and prominence of these devices in retail, no matter how small a footprint they occupy within the store.