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Arbitrary Viral Content: Or, “Look at this idiot.”

Posted by Eric Harris
August 19, 2014 at 4:17 PM

The ALS Association did a fantastic job adapting the “Cold Water Challenge” trend into the more ownable “Ice Bucket Challenge.” The videos that have become serious newsfeed fodder over the past two weeks either annoy or intrigue you. Opinions vary widely on the effectiveness and appropriateness of the material, but in terms of both awareness and revenue generation, it can objectively be considered a success.   

In discussing the trend, Igniters discussed what a picture of viral “success” looks like. Is it only about the views? In order to deem any piece of content a viral success or failure, we have to put some guidelines around creating potentially viral content.

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No Cash. No Credit. Nike Takes Sweat.

Posted by Abi Grise
August 8, 2014 at 4:27 PM

Envision engaging consumers outside brick-and-mortar walls.

The Nike brand is not engineered for quiet, indoor activities and neither are their consumers. Nike jogs past you on the trail. Nike dunks basketballs in the park. Nike makes a wicked serve on the tennis court. Nike is competitive, rugged and outdoor-oriented.

Naturally their best advertising is, too.

Nike entered the world of wearable tech in 2012 with the Nike+ FuelBand SE. The FuelBand, like other wearable trackers, tabulates your daily activity and exercise. Your activities award you FuelBand points.

But, with the growing number of wearable fitness trackers on the rise, FuelBand sales nosedived. This year, Nike laid off their wearable tech team and—rumor has it—will be selling their technology to Apple.

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Walmart: Retail Innovation in the Palm of Your Hand

Posted by Craig Mewbourne
July 28, 2014 at 10:00 AM

When you think of Walmart, you don’t necessarily think “cutting-edge innovation,” and humorous sites like do little to change the perception that their clientele is less than tech-savvy.


Of course, a snapshot of Walmart shoppers must be taken in panoramic mode, because the reality is that Walmart shopper demographics mirror those of America. In fact, you’ve probably brushed shoulders with a millionaire while dodging the falling prices.

Envision a boardroom in Bentonville, circa 2007. Headlines then predicted the demise of physical stores in favor of the convenience offered by shopping online (and still do). Leaders scrambled to strategize a way to offset emerging digital shopping behemoths.
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Breeding Brand Trust In An Age of Disbelief

Posted by Katie Cantu
July 23, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Envision a world where people trust brands.

It’s July of 1964 and a family is gathered around their new, glowing color television set. Eyes glued to the tube, they watch as a youthful Betty White encourages them to buy an extra roll of Kodacolor film for their Fourth of July picnic. “You can depend on the name Kodak,” she reassuringly concludes. And you believe it.


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Electrifying a Legacy Brand for a New Generation

Posted by Chris DuPree
July 2, 2014 at 11:15 AM

Envision attracting new consumers while staying true to your roots
When you hear Harley-Davidson, you think bikes, boots, black leather and badass attitude. But what happens when you add the word ‘electric’ to that list? It’s certainly not the first thing that comes to mind, but that’s just fine with Harley Davidson. Always pushing forward with an independent spirit, Harley aims to change the conversation with their electric bike prototype, Project LiveWire.

It’s a bold new product from a company known for its powerful, customizable machines. It’s also a bold move to gain the attention of a new segment of riders who would love to have some eco with attitude.


Inspire a new way to for consumers to see and experience your legacy brand
In a world where electric vehicles have been characterized as less than ideal when it comes to power, Harley has an uphill battle to fight to maintain its identity as a builder of powerful bikes.

So to see if Project LiveWire is ready for the road, Harley is hitting the road. They are doing a 30-city tour around the U.S. and will go international in 2015, to get real feedback from real riders, whether they are Harley diehards or curious newcomers who want to see how this old-school brand is innovating for the future.

And though this electric bike is just a test, it gives motorcycle fans a breath of fresh air from a brand that’s built up quite a legacy since it began back in 1903. This new concept will most certainly usher in a new generation of rider, one who gets all the innovation wrapped up in a sleek, black Harley.

But it also might give some of the more traditional HOG (Harley Owners Group) members a reason to pause and think about their beloved brand and where it’s headed in the future. Do they see this as a departure, or just another reason to be proud that they align with the rebellious, “I don’t care, I’ll do it anyway” spirit that’s at the heart of Harley-Davidson?

Ignite brand loyalty from a new generation of riders
Rising fuel prices. Stricter emissions standards. Being first to market with a “true” electric motorcycle. There are plenty of reasons why Harley-Davidson produced Project LiveWire. On top of the reasons listed above, this bike gives them the inroads to a new generation of riders who live every day with the latest and greatest in power and innovative technology (don’t we see that more and more, in everything from cars to smartphones to computers and even thermostats?).

And with this product evolution, Harley-Davidson proves old dogs have plenty of new tricks to appeal to millennials and beyond.

With more manufacturers producing hybrid and electric vehicles, Harley puts their trailblazing spirit into setting the standard for a product market that has yet to hit.

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