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"As a client for many years, I turned to Ignite’s team for help with Mission's Super Soft tortilla launch. This was the single most important core product program of the last 15 years and included multiple test markets as well as a national roll-out. The Ignite team developed key messaging, retail creative and promotional ideas that leveraged strong brand truths with shopper marketing principles resulting in unprecedented in-market success.  They worked hand-in-hand with us to stay focused on the right priorities and brought us engagement ideas we had not even considered before. The success in market far exceeded all expectations and completely changed the trajectory of the business. The launch is now considered to be the Mission Foods gold standard.”

Result: Launch completely turned the core business around, resulting in +20% sales gains in missions biggest business and beating budget by +25% for 2013.

Pete Thornfield, Director of Marketing

Mission Foods



"Our partnership with Ignite truly works like an extension of my team, and they consistently bring enthusiasm, strategic thinking and top-level service. In launching our products, they have earned our trust to continually push the bounds of innovation and creativity while offering strategic solutions that build our brand and loyalty with our customers and end users."

David J. Tompkins, Group Director – Retail Marketing, Design and Consumer Experience

Samsung Electronics America


It takes a series of successes to blaze the trail for each product launch. From vision and insight to execution, here's a dissection of the journeys we took to reach the perfect product launch solve for our clients.

Pizza Hut Slice Bar


With more millennial dollars being spent at fast-casual experiences, Pizza Hut had found itself with empty "Red Roof" buffets and an idea: slices. Pizza Hut decided to innovate its iconic buffets to stay relevant, but wasn't sure how.


Even the most "customizable" product wasn't bespoke enough for this audience. Claiming to be an "ALL-NEW PIZZA HUT" wouldn't cut it. In order to fall in love with The Hut again, they needed a totally reimagined experience built around personalized twists on the hallmark product.


The Slice Bar is everything we all love about pizza, combined with what millennials love about fast casual: their experience on their terms. We illustrated the value of slices by inventing ways to package and promote them. To unfold the concept, Ignite created digital and printed menu boards, wayfinding, POP, customized LSM elements and much more. The engagement successfully created the right product experience framework and confidence to open dozens of new stores to further the rollout.


Mission Super Soft


A tortilla is a tortilla is a tortilla. Especially in the grocery aisle, where often, the only way to discern is by price. When Mission Foods created a line of "Super Soft" tortillas, they needed consumers to take notice in an environment where consumers typically spend little time and rely on past purchasing behaviors.


It was crucial for us to demonstrate the benefits of this new tortilla within the context of its utility. These brand-loyal consumers weren’t going to switch just because we said the tortilla was soft.


In this launch, Ignite employed disruptive tactics to break through, win test markets and roll out nationwide, resulting in record sales. Call to action invited consumers to test the product’s softness on-site. Self-shippers made display easier in high-traffic areas, introduced new occasions for usage and inspired consideration from outside the usual shelf set. Lastly, PR recommendations, including popular food and mommy bloggers, gave shoppers real-life recipes and examples of usage promoting the product.


The Samsung Galaxy S


With the emergence of the smartphone category, Samsung needed to divert the conversation away from the market leader, the iPhone. To capture the moment, Samsung had to launch an unprecedented line of cutting-edge, premium products as a global brand for the first time.


Samsung held some advantages over the iPhone, especially broad carrier reach and distribution built largely on providing each carrier with device exclusivity and individualized marketing support. In order to succeed against the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S had to balance carrier expectations, while for the first time creating one branded voice to build consideration against the default smartphone choice – the iPhone.


In 2010, Ignite introduced Samsung's flagship Galaxy S line to the top five national carriers with white-glove care. Ignite developed a premium campaign for Samsung to present a unified, first-class brand impression. This campaign engaged each level of retail rollout, from executive to consumer. Ignite created consumer-facing solutions, including the now-iconic S logo, retail signage and support, as well as internal solutions such as core messaging and training materials. Each solution possessed the flexibility to capitalize on each carrier's exclusive offerings such as device variations, promotional overlays and various launch timelines. By October 2011, Samsung had become the top-selling smartphone manufacturer in the world, and Ignite continues to support new launches in the Galaxy S series today.


Our Philosophy

Not so long ago, in a less connected world, communication was slower. Attention spans were longer. Consumers trusted the power behind brand names.

Now, consumers are constantly connected. Smarter. Skeptical. They use real-time research from abundant sources to inform purchases. They value brands for the products launched today, as opposed to brand legacy.

Has branding become obsolete? Not in the least. The focus, however, has shifted. Now, there is no branding without product launch.


Over 400 product launches for some of the world's best brands fuel our wealth of experience in product-centric marketing. For vast and diverse industries, we combine strategic insight and creative vision to launch products with the momentum needed to maintain relevance.

Your brand is only as strong as your last launch. Let's launch like you mean it.

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